About us

Since 1990 GAGO PLAST, S.L.. It provides service to companies.
GAGOPLAST, S.L.. It is a family company dedicated to the injection of technical plastics and assembly finishes doing if needed.
We are flexible, dynamic and evolve as needed. Our potential are those trained in engineering plastics and driven by technology, quality and its evolution to offer services to companies.

puertaWe have modern machinery and our main goal is quality, making the necessary controls as indications of our customers and all our efforts are aimed in this direction.

We advise and help in meeting their objectives from design to the finished going through all its phases piece, keeping if necessary “stock” of security.

All this in a framework of confidentiality.

We work for all sectors: automotive, electrical, etc. and mold all kinds of thermoplastics.

We have the necessary peripherals such as mold temperature controllers, hot runner, stoves, etc.

We can offer very competitive prices have very little administrative structure.

If you have any questions, call us or contact us. We appreciate your confidence.